Vampire Princess Miyu (OVA)
-Ending Theme-

This is the slide show which I made in the third.

Composition &
Arrangement : Kawai, Kenji(last name, first name)

All of Japanese indicated on the screen
from 1:53 of this video are the words of
Miyu. I translate into English in order
of indicated word.

1.That's Shin-ma.
That has God's attribute with
the monster.
2.If a human being hopes,
I can give an everlasting life,
everlasting time.
3.But, he hoped for it.
4.A human being always says so,
with the cloudy eyes and the dirty lips.
5.Mist, marvelous strength, penetration.
6.I don't think that you had better be
concerned with this matter any more
and any further.
7.But, it seems to be a little different
from the monster which you are
thinking about.
8.Truth is in the human being anytime, though.