Hikari Sentai Maskman: ALL Fights Scenes WITHOUT Henshin (光戦隊マスクマン 変身なしの戦いシーン)

"We settle fights with fists"
This video showcases ALL FIGHT Scenes in Maskman without Henshin.
In my opinion, Red Mask did a lot of fight scenes.
2nd would probably be Blue Mask.
Black Mask is very comical.
Pink and Yellow had the same amount of fight scenes.

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Hikari Sentai Maskman (光戦隊マスクマン, Hikari Sentai Masukuman) is Toei's eleventh entry of the Super Sentai metaseries. It aired on TV Asahi from February 28, 1987 to February 20, 1988, with a total of 51 episodes.

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